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About Pristine
Pristine Plant Healthcare, LLC was founded by husband and wife duo, Jack and Jacqui O'Shea. After working many years in the industry, Jack's passion for plant healthcare grew. Upon searching for other Plant Healthcare businesses, he realized there was not only a lack of companies that focused solely on Plant Healthcare but, a lack of professionals, too.
The desire to employ, mentor, and grow individuals in the lucrative business of Plant Healthcare and, provide remarkable results to clients, exploded for Jack and Jacqui. That's when they decided to take a leap of faith.
In October 2015, they started their own Plant Healthcare company - Pristine Plant Healthcare, LLC. With his wife running the business aspects and Jack diagnosing tree and plant problems as well as executing the proper solutions, they built Pristine Plant Healthcare, LLC - your one-stop-shop for all your plant healthcare needs!
Our Mission
Plant Healthcare is our passion! Here at Pristine Plant Healthcare, LLC, we are a team driven and determined to provide our clients with results and satisfaction.  We strongly believe in treating EVERY individual with the highest level of professionalism and respect.
We are here to serve not only humanity with respect but, our beloved Earth, too. Our planet is filled with many beautiful landscapes that are constantly under attack; it is our duty and our mission to save and protect them, one property at a time.
Meet Our Team!
Your Pristine Plant Healtchare, LLC Professionals!

Jack has 15 years of experience in the horticulture business. He attended County College of Morris where he majored in Horticultural Science.  During his tenure at College County of Morris, he became President of the Nursery and Landscape Club and interned at a local garden center. As his knowledge grew, so did his desire for the business. He continued his career with at a local upscale golf course where he worked as a landscape manager. He moved on to two of the top tree companies in the area where he perfected his niche in Plant Healthcare before starting Pristine Plant Healthcare. In his spare time, he likes to ride his quads, go hiking and spend time with his dogs, son , and wife.

  1. Jack O'Shea
    Jack O'Shea

After a short career in teaching, Jacqui started her career in business. That was over 9 years ago and she has been working her way up the "corporate ladder" ever since. After some time in Corporate America, she realized she was still feeling unfulfilled. That's when she decided to "jump".
Running a successful business has always been her dream and she has been excited to start Pristine Plant Healthcare for quite some time.  She enjoys giving back to the community and interacting with customers and employees. During her free time she likes to upcycle furniture, crochet, craft, and spend time with her family.

  1. Jacqui O'Shea
    Jacqui O'Shea
    Owner/Account Manager