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So, Why Plant Healthcare?
Plant health care is a practice that involves using numerous strategies to enhance or maintain all different types of landscaped plants and trees. Through the advancement of entomology and plant pathology, we are constantly finding newer, safer, and more cost-effective ways to keep our landscapes and scenery healthy and thriving. Here at Pristine Plant Healthcare, we know not all properties and priorites are the same; Therefore, we offer a variety of services and programs completely customizeable to the client.
Plant health care or (PHC) provides many benefits to our clients. Please see below for just a few examples on how our programs and services can benefit you!
  • Curb Appeal!!
Trees and shrubs are an investment and add value to your home. Proper care will yield beautiful results, and in turn, add value to your property. According to top real-estate agencies, property values of homes with well-maintained landscapes are up to 20% higher than non-manicured landscapes.
  • Replacements are Costly!
You may be surprised to find out what it costs to replace a dying/dead tree. Although, it is nearly impossible to put a number on the cost of losing a mature tree since you can not buy time, the average appraisal of a mature tree can be between 1,000 and 10,000 dollars. Keeping them in good health will greatly minimize any unexpected replacement costs.
  • Lower energy costs!
Healthy trees and plants provide other benefits such a shade that cools a house or a barrier to block cold winds, or your nosey neighbors. A properly placed shade tree can reduce air conditioning costs by up to 30%. As your tree dies, your energy costs will rise!
  • Privacy!
It's no secret that trees create privacy. Protect your privacy today - it is not something that can easily be replaced! A property surrounded by landscaped screens can take years and years to recover if lost. Nobody wants to see their neighbor watering the garden in their underwear - or doing any thing in their underwear!
  • Go GREEN!
Properly maintained trees and plants can also help the environment on your property. Trees and shrubs can reduce water runoff on hills, provide a habitat for local birds and wildlife, reduce noise, and of course lower carbon dioxide level.
Plant health care can save you money, provide you with a great looking landscape, and keep you safe. Remember, not all properties and priorities are the same, so every proposed service or program is unique. Call or email us today and we will get to work on a program designed and customized for YOU!

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